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Kurt Foerst

"Playing music is a blast.  You are in the moment, syncing in with the other players, and having your say. I would play even if I had to all alone in the woods. I guess it is part of me, I have had a guitar in my house since I was 12.  Just pick it up and go. I mean they don't call it playing guitar for nothing. Playing doesn't feel like work at all."

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Ray Parker

"Music has always been a big part of my life. My mom was a musician so I think it's fair to say that my music education began at birth. As for why I decided to be a bassman you'll have to read my full bio but let me say that I was first drawn to bass at age 12 when I started playing tuba. Bass  guitar came only a couple of years later.  I love being the guy who lays down the "bottom end".

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Diane Beth

"My love for music and performance was supported from an early age by my equally talented parents and family.  Whether it was ballet and tap, musical theater, clarinet playing, dance or “made-up- shows” for loved ones, I have been enjoying the “spotlight” for many years."

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Greg Wilson

"I starting drumming when I was 8 years old and once I held those wooden sticks in my small 8 year old hands the love of drumming never waned. 

Across the street from my house in NY was a little music studio where I took my first lesson, and that is where that love of drumming and music began and it has been a burning passion within me ever since."

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