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Diane Beth

Diane's dream of becoming a singer in a band was realized in 2011 when she joined SWAG after the encouragement of her wonderful husband, and SWAG bassist Ray Parker. Picking up lead and back up vocals as well as percussion, she is having a great time with “the guys”, playing wonderful music and getting to “dress up”.  

While creating new partnerships and nutrition programs to help North Carolinians eat smart and move more is her passion at the NC Division of Public Health, SWAG allows her the chance to use her creativity and skills in a whole new way. All her life Diane has loved performing and enjoying all the arts. Performing in SWAG allows her to sing, dance and play an instrument all at the same time. How fun is that!  

Diane is a wonderfully colourful soul and her outfits match her character perfectly. There is hardly a day that you won't see her in stunning, beaming colors showcasing her quirky, sweet, big-hearted personality. And even more amazingly, Diane wears a smile on her face every hour of the day that melts the most bitter hearts, brightens the rainiest days and welcomes everyone into her world. Her upbeat personality makes her instantly lovable and she brings an optimism and positiveness into this world that it often lacks. Meeting Diane will always be the highlight of your day, so go chat with her at our next gig, you will not forget her - we can promise that. 

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