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Jim Kayarian

You know that moment in life when you have that "ahah" moment? Jim found his first one when he almost successfully strummed his first chord played on the old Winston electric guitar from Radio Shack. Intrigued by the Instrument, he attempted to play songs he heard on the radio. Some good some bad. A common theme was the "turn that down" pleas by his Mom, Dad, and Sister! His Mom, by the way, turned Jim on to Frank Zappa! How cool was that!

A critical turning point and really the big ahah moment came when he heard "Running with Devil" by Van Halen on the radio. Boom, life changed. He eventually became good enough to play in various local bands in the Poughkeepsie NY area, including Just Folks, Catalyst, and Pain in Glory. Some originals also came out of those collaborations, namely, Rock and Roll Hunger, Pain and Glory, and PCB water.

 An unfortunate accident of a long time friend and fellow musician, afforded Jim the opportunity to play Bass. Bass suddenly became his new love. Playing the bottom just felt good. Unfortunately he played Bass like he would guitar, a common mistake made by guitar players turning to Bass. It wasn't until he joined and helped form, Storm's End, in Raleigh NC, that Jim figured out he had more than a thumb or a pick! That was a close one!

The band was in desperate need of a drummer, Jim thought of Greg Wilson, whom he had known in NY from work and softball. He contacted Greg and Greg joined the band. Greg had been playing with SWAG for a couple of years and I think he joined Storm's End as a favor and a chance to get re-aquainted with his old friend. Well one thing led to another, Storm's End broke up, Greg knew that Jim had played guitar in the past and hinted around at joining SWAG. Jim gladly accepted and was welcomed into the Band. Jim's joining the band also let Ray Parker explore more on the guitar front as well, Jim could cover the Bass. Jim has found a family and a home in SWAG and loves to perform with them. He loves the unique arrangements of classic songs they perform, the chic originals and is all in on SWAG'in up more and more songs. There could be some originals in the future?!

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