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Kurt Foerst

Kurt's mom said to him on his twelfth birthday, "I signed you up for guitar class. Here is your guitar!" Gulp! That is how he started playing the guitar. 

First came Blues music in high school. The Blues has this amazing talking quality when you play it, it calls and answers. In college, Kurt played Rock & Roll to stomp that percussive beat and lay down some licks. It's here that he developed his 'Chops' and continue his weekly habit playing. It keeps him in shape.

As a software designer he experiences the digital world day in and day out and this interest lead to experimenting with electronic equipment. Now he can scare the neighbor's cat applying the strange sounds that emanate from his speakers. Oh goody more toys!

As time went on songs started to come out of him as he played. He started writing original songs. He writes them down as fast as he can before they disappear back to the void. You never know when the next song will pop up.

Currently SWAG is a great group to craft original songs. They help him get his weekly dose of guitar playing. The bands bass lines, drum rhythms and vocals supply the drive necessary to make the song a pleasure to participate in. It's a lot a fun! To sum it up, playing in a band will be part of Kurt for the long haul.

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